Climate Change Blackheath-Local and Global

Blackheath Climate Change - The World is not For Sale sign by SallyB2
Once again, we find that there’s no such thing as local. Or at least, that local issues nearly always have wider resonances, sometimes across a city. or across the globe. Nothing scares a government more than people getting off their backsides, out of their little, warm, uninsulated houses, and outside with banners, slogans, and ideas. As Bill Hicks said “Go back to bed, you are free to do as we tell you”.

Amazingly, they haven’t gone to bed! Here they are in Blackheath. Politics happening directly outside on our high street, and it couldn’t be on a lovelier patch of grass in London.

So, whoever you vote for next time, take a look at what shade of green they really are. If it’s a greyish, airport building buzzword spouting strangely greyish-green, you might want to rethink.

The earth can’t take it forever. There’s an enormous summit at Copenhagen in December, where all the world’s governments are supposed to rattle out a solution to slow climate change.

Write to your MP and tell them that you want serious reductions in carbon emissions, not more aeroplanes over Blackheath. And go and see the people up on the heath. They’re friendly, tidy, and interesting.

Photo by Flickr user SallyB2

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