Momo morphs into Village Food & Wine?

Momo Franks Gone
As suggested by Ann, I had a look at the Blackheath Village Residents Group website, and sure enough, there is information about the fate of Momo Franks. A request has been made to Lewisham Council, to open a “Village Food & Wine” shop…. There’s nothing especially “villagey” about these shops, in the same way that Shepherd Foods doesn’t sell sheep, pasties and sheepdogs, and Cost Cutters really won’t cut your costs… It’s more of a convenience store – see the Greenwich one for an example:

If you had any strong feelings on the matter, and felt like telling Lewisham council, now is too late, as the closing date was 17th August. I’d have hoped that would have mentioned it, but perhaps I need to tweak my settings a litte.


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7 responses to “Momo morphs into Village Food & Wine?

  1. Maisie

    There are 3 convenience stores in the Village already (including the one beside Starbucks.) On top of that there is Martins – which seems to morph into a convenience store. Do we really need *another* one? I wouldn’t have thought there was enough passing trade.

    Then again maybe I am still smarting from the closure of Momo Franks!

  2. Blackheath Ann

    Well, it looks like we will have a convenience store every few paces at this rate! Costcutter, Shepherds, Best One, the new Village Food…not to mention McColls who have now forayed into groceries and off-sales. Will there be enough business to go round, with Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, M&S Food all close by, plus the roving Ocado vans.
    Perhaps we will see a steep drop in prices as they compete to sell us their wares?

  3. Martin

    What we need is a mini Sainsbury / Tesco so we could shop afterwork without going all the way to Lee / Greenwich.

  4. Maisie

    Martin I think the Blackheath Society/ BVRG would have collective heart failure if Sainsbury/Tesco’s even hinted at setting up in the Village! :)

    That said I wouldn’t mind a new/improved Tesco’s – the one in Lewisham is hell on earth.

    • Jonathan

      Atleast a Mini Tescos/Sainburys would make the other convenience stores raise there game. Rude staff, products not priced and ridiculously inflated from other shops – pretty poor all round. Face it, they only make money my paying the minimum (I’d bet) wage to poorly trained unmotivated staff, and selling goods at inflated prices. People only shop in them as there is no better alternative.

  5. Anonymous

    It was a licence application. Planning Alerts does not cover them but there were notices in the window for several weeks. BVRG obviously does not check its email alerts.

    I’m surprised that it will be a clone, as the application was from something like the “Turkish Off-licence and Supermarket Association”. P’raps it’ll be a Turkish clone.

    I’m all in favour of another food shop as I tend to buy a fair amount of the stuff and any competition is good news [unless it’s a poncy French cake shop replacing the best bakery in the universe.]

    I s’pose there could be a popular uprising demanding another fashionista emporium or nayoo ‘spa’. Thank goodness a couple of those are about to further enrich the Village experience. You can’t have too many dress and nayoo outlets.

  6. Anonymous

    The licence application has re-appeared in the window, extending the chance for comments by another couple of weeks. Perhaps this also gives time to find a more useful alternative such an organic dress shop or holistic hairdresser.

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