As a restaurant review of Blackheath, this really sucks…

In The Times – obviously written by someone who’s never been to Locale, or the Buenos Aires Cafe.

Green and pleasant Blackheath – Our series on London villages continues


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7 responses to “As a restaurant review of Blackheath, this really sucks…

  1. Ed

    At least the article raises the profile of Blackheath. Talking of restaurant reviews I notice the closed Momo Franks has an alcohol license application. Anyone got any info on what’s happening to it?

  2. tomf

    these articles in national newspapers tend not to be written by people who have been there. it’s all “desk research”. I mean “heaving with tourists” – what, Blackheath? And … that photo – have they recently resurfaced the path?

  3. Anonymous

    Typical tripe from a novice freelance desperate for a byline or an unpaid intern whose daddy can afford to give her a foot in the door of hackery. Pity the experienced property journalists elbowed out by this crowd.

    Even a quick skip through an online guide would have revealed that you can still get change from £200k for a flat. But p’raps such accommodation is beneath the radar of Times editors. Still, I have learned that the marathon now starts from All Saints Church, Quentin Road is ‘gorgeous’, the Heath ‘towers’ over Greenwich Park and Steiner’s is available for kids who want to ‘avoid all that’. I also need to change my views on several ‘highly recommended’ restaurants [who did the recommending?]

    Oh I nearly forgot. The Heath paths were suddenly resurfaced when it became plain the bid for a Green Flag award was doomed otherwise. And Momo Frank’s [or Wallace’s as I still call it] looks set to be a Turkish supermarket. Yum-yum.

  4. Anonymous

    The name of the applicant for the license is a good indication of the potential tenant.

  5. Blackheath Ann

    According a recent email sent by the Blackheath Village Residents Group to members the license applicant is ‘Village Food and Wine/Village Express’. They are asking for off-sales from 8am-11pm each day. No idea who they are or exactly what kind of shop is in the offing.

    Are you a BVRG member Bugle? If not have a look at their website for useful info on planning matters! They lobby the council about anti-social behaviour in the village, late night drinking problems and stuff.

    I notice Bentley’s jewellers is morphing into a ‘Nail Spa’. Hmmmm. Doubt I will be visiting them any more often than the pricey former tenant. And the old Building Soc. that has been closed for ages on Montpelier Vale is becoming a fancy dress shop. Travel Lounge is up for sale. Mme Chocolate is now HERBS PLUS and very noticeable when driving slowly past the zebra- haven’t yet been in… Lots of activity to keep us guessing!

  6. Blackheath Ann

    The new women’s dress shop Noa Noa is opening on 3rd September so the signs announce – it’s fancy as in a cut above high-street fashions rather than a place to get Halloween costumes and pirate wear btw. Looks like a classy addition to the village.

    Threshers still empty and no sign of any impending life. Let’s hope it doesn’t become another off-licence. Blackheath is already awash with alcohol as it is. You can have too much of a good thing imo.

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