No Horsing Around in Greenwich Park

NOGOE protester in Blackheath Village
He’s out there in the middle of the traffic island most Saturdays. If you agree with what he’s saying (and you really should), then please go and sign his petition.

I think it’s great that he’s standing up (sitting down) for what he believes in. It reminds me that older people are becoming a serious political threat as the population ages – lots of spare time, combined with their cheap travel around the UK (which may or may not be bankrupting local councils!) is a potent combination.

Just a reminder – this is not Nimbyism – this is about preventing the destruction of some of the oldest and most historic parkland in the UK. (If there was a serious proposal to stick some wind farms up on the heath, the Bugle would be all in favour!)

You can find more info on the NOGOE website –
We’ve talked about this before – Save Greenwich Park on Facebook, and Not One Tree.

You can also protest directly to the people in charge:
Seb Coe Chairman LOCOG
London 2012 One Churchill Place Canary Wharf London E14 5LN

Boris Johnson Mayor of London
City Hall, London SE1 2AA

Tessa Jowell MP Minister for the Olympics
House of Commons, London SW1A 0A

Lord Moynihan Chairman British Olympic Association
1 Wandsworth Place London SW18 1EH


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4 responses to “No Horsing Around in Greenwich Park

  1. This chap has been a serious protester for a few years.
    He used to work in (or own) Pine Interiors at the top of the village, and seems to be a nice person.
    More power to the ancients!

  2. Blackheathen

    Sorry about this but I’ve lived in Blackheath for ever and I think it’s completely exciting that the Olympics are coming to Greenwich Park. We have the woods on Shooters Hill and I can’t wait to turn on the telly and watch My park being used for an international event. Money will pour in and the area can only benefit.

  3. tomf

    will it destroy the park anymore than the victorians who put a reservoir in it? I find the hyperbolic claims of NOGOE sometimes rather difficult to swallow.

  4. Susan Shannon

    Please, please save Greenich.
    It is the most beautiful prk and area. Enornmous horse vehicles and associated vehicles would be continually passing near grade 1 listed buildings.
    Irreputable damage would be done to this beautiful
    area. We have such wonderful equestrian sites in this country, which could be adapted for the Olympic
    horse events, such as Windsor Great Park, Badminton, Burghley and even Gatcombe. Horse
    people are not envolved with ordinary athletics, anymorethan sailing events. Please reconsider
    and change the venue. Susan Shannon

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