Wetsuits for Oysters

Oystercard reader either being shielded from the elements or about to go windsurfing
Matt writes

I noticed on my way through the station this morning that there are two black-covered boxes installed at waist-height on the wall of the exit to each platform that look suspiciously like Oystercard readers to me. But then Southeastern aren’t apparently planning to roll it out to us until 2010. Any clues?!

Looks like Neoprene to me. I’m just amazed they haven’t been pinched yet!


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3 responses to “Wetsuits for Oysters

  1. Parkylondon

    That’s exactly what they are. I’m in Skidcup, Vauxhall Nova-land, and the station has one of the floor mounted ones. It had a cover on it, but being Sidcup, it was ripped off (and replaced a day or so later) but underneath is a shiny Oyster card reader.
    Yip de bleedin’ de. Looks like they’ll be getting rid of paper season tickets..

  2. MazeHillCommuter

    Got them on Maze Hill also

  3. They are going to have Oyster pay-as-you-go on SE Trains (and other non-TfL lines), but obviously they need to have the readers in place first — otherwise people wouldn’t be able to touch in and out and would get charged the wrong fare.

    TfL introduced Oyster only after a couple of years of installing them on all the barriers and buses.

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