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Being passed from pillar to post

fixmystreet - blackheath - Before and after
The busted bollard has been lovingly restored to its former glory, thanks to fixmystreet, and the council. It’s a great feeling when you wander past something and think – “I spotted that – and now it’s fixed!”

But here’s the annoying thing – here in lovely Blackheath, we are straddled across Greenwich and Lewisham councils. So far, three of the things I’ve reported have resulted in someone from the council calling me, saying “We don’t handle that sort of problem at that location. You need to tell the other lot”.

When this happened for the third time, I finally suggested that the two councils might be able to tell each other about the problems, and asked that they call me back to tell me who might be in charge of that sort of thing. So far, no reply…

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Who’s Heath is it Anyway?

Heathen writes:

I wonder if you or your readers have any information about the company that seems to be taking over part of the Heath alongside St German’s Place. Most evenings now, a little van turns up, someone gets out and sets up an advertisng hoarding and stakes out an ever-increasing piece of the Heath and very shortly afterwards loads of people turn up and start doing star jumps all over the place.

As the Heath is common land, how is this company allowed to do this? Can we all go out and stake out a bit of Heath for our own commercial purposes?

I reckon it’s British Military Fitness, but I could be wrong. I simply cannot imagine anyone ever paying to be shouted at by a sergeant major.


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