The flying cat!

These videos really show how the cat flew through the air – pawing the wind like water as it went! Thanks to Ben for sending them in. If you’ve taken any photos or videos of the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival, please add them to the comments below.

And a question – do the local council make a profit from the Bike and Kite festival? My initial assumption was no, until I saw the number of traffic wardens roaming around over the weekend… They looked like they were issuing a bumper crop of parking tickets!


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3 responses to “The flying cat!

  1. Maisie

    Annoyingly we picked the wrong day to go.

    We went on Sunday about 2pm. It was a lovely sunny day…but without a hint of a breeze! They tried to get the kites of fly but unfortunately they could not get sufficient lift, especially the larger kites. Still it was a fun afternoon.

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