It only encourages them…

Blackheath Goes to the Polls

But don’t forget to vote anyway…  I’ve been trying to find out where my nearest polling station is for the election tomorrow (4th June), I’m sure last time it was at the church next to Blackheath Park & Pond road (St Michaels?), but can’t find any mention of it in Lewisham’s list of polling booths.  God knows why it is a PDF file – I’d have thought it was crying out to be a map of some sort… They’re open from 7am-10pm.

Mind you, it’s better than Greenwich Council’s effort.  Clicking on the “polling station online search” link gives the following informative message:

SQL error on statement select * from sequences where sequence_id = ? – Invalid state, the Connection object is closed

Ah, SQL and local councils, a marriage made in heaven.  Anyway, looks like I’ll be heading to Blackheath Library to cast my vote.  In case you can’t decide who to opt for, try the wonderful VoteMatch website.  Surprisingly, my vote came out the same colour as this post.


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2 responses to “It only encourages them…

  1. darryl853

    I thought you lived in Greenwich borough? St Michael’s church is there, which is why it wouldn’t feature in Lewisham’s list.

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