Bikes, Kites, tweetups and bollards…

Bits and bobs for you – the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival now has its own site, instead of having to navigate around the Lewisham Council’s website:

Twitter user @troublebrother is organising a meeting of South East London Twitterers…  The Bugle is a bit shy, but may make an appearance, as Blackheath won the hotly contested location battle over Greenwich!  The date still has yet to be decided, probably last week of June or beginning of July.  I’m sure you’re allowed to go even if you don’t send “stupid little messages™!  The website is You can follow the plans as they are drawn up by searching for #SELTweetup in Twitter.

And finally, the Bugle has lovingly entered this photo of the bus stop’s busted bollard into – thought you’d like to know.
Bus stop's busted bollard next to big budget bazaar


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3 responses to “Bikes, Kites, tweetups and bollards…

  1. seltwitup

    Thank you for the link. I’m sure you could come as an observer / or send your social correspondent.

    Nick – troublebrother

  2. Dear Blackheath Bugle
    Thank you for your email dated 03.6.09, sorry for the delayed reply,
    I have raised this job to Highways, ref 341355,
    They will ain to inspect the problem within two working days. They then aim to repair roads and pavements within 15 working days. If it is an emergency, work will start within 24 hours.

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