Look, right…

Freshly panted Look Right road markings in Blackheath

Hello again..  India was lovely, thanks for asking, and having been terrorised by monkeys, elephants and a cobra, it is great to be back in Blackheath, even if it is only for two days…  Mrs Bugle has been hard at work taking photos of things around and about, and has also been away, so I’ll try and put some up over the next few days, despite going abroad again tomorrow for another two weeks!

One of the things I had intended to write about was the crazy roadwork situation around Shooters HillButterbird suggested it ages ago by saying:

Post something useful. Tell us how to get into the village from Lewisham in less than 45 mins while Shooter’s Hill is shut.

Shooters Hill roadsign in BlackheathI wish I could!  Being a non-driver with nothing more than a trusty Oystercard and a crumpled SouthEastern season ticket to get me around and about, I’m the wrong person to ask for tips.

However – I have wonderful news – as shown in the sign below, the roadworks were completed at the end of last month.  Which must leave those of you sitting in traffic jams up there wondering what is going on…  At least we have have beautifully newly painted red routes to admire.


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6 responses to “Look, right…

  1. darryl853

    Post something useful. Tell us how to get into the village from Lewisham in less than 45 mins while Shooter’s Hill is shut.

    They’re only 20/30 minutes apart on foot, unless your correspondent decides to do the journey on all fours.

  2. adequatelyaverage

    I’m sorry, 45mins from Lewisham??

    I come from Hither Green and have done for years now… Including when the roadworks were on, it takes me 10 minutes maximum to get from Hither Green Station to Blackheath village.

    Where is this person going via?… Sidcup?

  3. Oops I misread the request and have written instructions backwards, going from Blackheath Village to Lewisham but hopefully this won’t be too awful. I think the second one is probably more car-friendly but I don’t drive so don’t know. Both routes involve roads but I walk them… takes less than 45 minutes on foot, or longer if I get distracted by bats on Wat Tyler Road.

    From Blackheath Station, turn left, up Tranquil Way past The Crown / 380 bus stop, keep on to Hare and Billet Road (not Goffers Road), left into either Mounts Pond and on to Eliot Hill then Lewisham Hill or Wat Tyler Road, then carry on down Lewisham Hill

    From Blackheath station, turn right, up hill and turn right into Lee Terrace which turns into Belmont Hill which takes you to a slightly different bit of Lewisham (see yellow roads on the map below).


  4. Guest1

    What about the lift in Blackheath Station ? So amazing that nobody complains – Started in November last year or even earlier and still not a hope it finishes soon… Think about the pushchairs and people with reduced mobility

  5. Michele O'Brien

    “What about the lift in Blackheath Station ? So amazing that nobody complains …”

    On the contrary, people do NOTHING BUT complain.
    Moan moan … whinge whinge … whine whine … that bloody bridge …
    This is Britain 2011.
    Complaints are as easily absorbed by senior execs as raindrops falling on an open cesspit.
    What’s needed to get some action is not complaints.
    What’s needed is …
    Well, we know what’s needed.
    What’s needed is something to bring worried senior rail management scurrying down
    the tracks to Blackheath from Waterloo station to find out what’s going on.
    Don’t look to me to organize it, though.
    I’ve got strong legs and welcome the bridge as part of my daily workout.
    … AND I don’t want the British Transport Police knocking on MY door.

  6. Ed

    Some train stations have more than one lift , imagine how long that would take . Good luck to Cross Rail .

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