Ferrets on trains

Hello Blackheath… Been suffering a bit of Blogger’s Block lately – although this message from Mrs Bugle made me smile:

“Watching the man with the beaver on the train. “

Glad to see that the eccentrics of Blackheath are still doing their bit.

All the best to all of you – keep an eye out here, and when I think of something to tell you, I’ll be sure to post again, hopefully soon!


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2 responses to “Ferrets on trains

  1. Blackheath Bird

    Is this the chap at Waterloo East? Ah yes, just looked back at your link. He was getting on the train next to me one weekend recently. I did a double take. The thing was quite cute but sadly not quite continent.

  2. Sue

    He lives on the Ferrier Estate, has been keeping ferrets for years, loves talking to people about them and takes them for walks in Greenwich Park, which tourists seem to love!
    The last conversation I overheard was on the train a couple of months ago when he said he had 12 ferrets and some snakes.
    Not sure where he and his menagerie will be moved to once that “beautiful” estate is completely decanted.

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