Madame Chocolat wrapping up

Madame Chocolat in Blackheath

Just noticed that the ominous looking “SOLD” sign above Madame Chocolat has finally kicked into action.  The sign on the front of the shop reveals that they are shutting up shop, but will still be available for catering, and other things.  Which is a shame.  I hope the replacement is as quirky and interesting as the previous shop was, and not a second bijou-starbucks tucked away on Blackheath’s high street.
Sign outside Madame Chocolat in Blackheath


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6 responses to “Madame Chocolat wrapping up

  1. Maisie

    Another one bits the dust.

    All so depressing – at least it is unlikely to be another estate agents…..

  2. Anonymous

    Probably another hairdresser.

  3. Blackheath Ann

    I haven’t heard that this lease has been sold yet, so have no info on what it might become next. However I have learned that the old ‘Chloe’ dress shop is shortly to re-emerge as a branch of Bullfrogs shoes. The workmen have been in this week getting it ready. There will soon be no excuse for being unstylishly shod…

  4. Anonymous

    Super! There just aren’t enough shoe shops in the Village. Now we can spend all day deciding where to have our hair done/buy shoes/dresses/organic nettle panini/next property/or all the other things essential to cement a community.
    Meanwhile, the super-spiffingly wunderful and charismatic Greenwich open market is set to close this Sunday. Perhaps they’ll replace it with a few shoe shops.

  5. Blackheath Ann

    Well Bullfrogs has opened for bright footwear and clothes. I heard a rumour that M Chocolat is to become a fishmonger…not sure if it’s true but that would be a welcome addition in my opinion. There used to be a great fish shop in the village in years gone by – I think it became the Nicolas wine shop.

  6. I really miss chloes dress shop, not another one like it, loved the girls and the products, come back all is forgiven Janet

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