Farmers Market tips

Blackheath Farmers Market tips
Mrs Bugle’s credit friendly, handy tip sheet detailing what to buy where, but with scribbled handwriting replaced! (Seasonal mileage may vary).


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3 responses to “Farmers Market tips

  1. Maisie

    And not to forget the middle section – ideal for the sweet toothed, chutney loving, herb growing, goat’s cheese fanatic. :)

    And does the woman who works in the “swiss chard, jerusalem artichokes” stall call everyone “duck” ?

  2. I deduce from the map that you are vegetarians!

    The stall where you get called ‘duck’ is a farm from my (original) neck of the woods, that’s what we call each other round there. Even blokes call other blokes ‘duck’. We are a friendly lot.

  3. lupo

    I deduce from the map that Mrs Bugle is Italian?

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