Credit Crunch?

Fresh Lifestyle Salon and Spa, Blackheath

This new spa shop has just opened up next to Costa Coffee… Not sure how long the economy can sustain another expensive looking hair salon, but it looked very nicely designed.  Still a shame about the Bang & Olufsen shop though.


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9 responses to “Credit Crunch?

  1. Anonymous

    What is it about women and their hair? I think this now makes six hairdressers in the village. They could soon outnumber eateries. And they must be paying sky-high rents, so they are all doing OK. What’s the secret? Do females swarm in from across the UK for special treatment? We blokes make do with two – and share with a regiment of kiddies. Girls, get back to mum’s home perm kits and spend your money on something useful like beer and pies :]

  2. fabhat

    Isn’t that just a salon moving? I went to Fresh Salon in the summer (June) when it was on the road facing the heath. They were lovely, not too expensive and considering it was my wedding day didn’t feel the need to fleece me for every penny, as some of the other blackheath salons seemed tempted to…

  3. Anonymous

    Have to say – just had my hair cut there and it really was a lovely experiance. Not sure if the village can support all the salons (even if this is just an extention of the original Fresh), but I hope this one lasts a while.

  4. Anonymous

    Also..the link you posted…it is to a salon on Upper Street Islington, not Blackheath…almost booked a cut there rather embarasingly!

  5. B

    BE WARNED A RANT ANDA HALF Sorry everyone to go on but I am so angry.
    I went to this salon about a month ago, expecting the usual aveda standard. I hate spending alot on my hair so try only to get it dyed and cut a few times a year, and pay more for the privalege of having the more natural dyes that they use here which is important to me.
    My hairdresser was very nice, and gave me a full and proper consultation before I booked the appointment (so he was aware of exactly what I wanted)… after the dye was washed out and it was cut, I wanted to cry because it made me feel awful (anyone who has long hair and has it all cut off and dyed a drastically different colour by surprise will know what I mean). I seriously nearly bought a pair of shears on the way home I felt like I was a differnt person.
    I’d asked for a natural brown colour with possibly natural highlights or something (I even had photos of what I wanted). I left the decision up to him about the best way to colour and he decided to go for a full tint (to get rid of my blond with 5 inch roots) then a permanent colour. We agreed on a length too.
    I ended up with really dark red patchy colour and is it just me or do hairdressers always just love to chop at your hair as much as they can?? So, I wanted to cry but held it together and said thank you I love the cut bla bla. I then explained the colour wasn’t how I’d expected (understatement) and he told me to come back in a few weeks when the tint had washed out a bit. So there I am, splashing out £160 on the worst hair job I’ve ever had. I was too shy to complain in person.
    I might sound like a loser, but I cried for about two days I felt so rubbish.
    Yes… it continues, i apologise :)
    I rang up last week to book in for it to be fixed (alot of the red had washed out on the bottom half, and I was left with a washed out patchy brown, and on top a kind of bronzey pinky tinge). I explained to the woman what had happened, and she assured me he would fix it for me. I asked if it was free she said yes, then she asked whether I would like a blow dry which would be about £50 I think and I said a firm no just a whizz with the dryer.
    Went back today… it’s even darker! Still got a red copper tone on top and its more like Nigella Lawsons colour than, forgive me but Emma Watson is the only person I can think of with what I asked for. Nigella’s hair is gorgeous but for my colouring, it feels like I’m wearing a wig. And the second time round to make the exact same mistake????? I can’t believe how much money I’ve paid for a waste of energy and a sore scalp. It looked far better than last time by the time he’d given me a blow dry (which I didn’t bloody want!!!!!) , but again missed the mark by miles?? I felt like shouting get off my head please, I’m not giving you any more money!! So I smile and say lovely thank you it’s gorgeous ( I’m an idiot I just feel like I have to say that and save my feelings until I reach the door).
    Couldn’t wait to get home, tie my wig in a bun and have a cuppa on the sofa. But, I am ushered to the front desk and the girl behind tells me I now owe her £55 for the privalege of their services. I say what?? I feel completely enraged inside. I feel embarassed, and put my card in the machine hoping I don’t go over my limit. I tell her I’m unhappy and that I wasn’t told but she stares back at me with a blank face “Aw”. I feel sick that I am such a pushover and can’t speak my mind unless I’m on the end of a telephone.
    All in all…. the longest haircut and dye I’ve ever had (over a month), a result I am unhappy about and stuck with (after all the money I’ve given Fresh hairdressing, I can’t afford to buy dinner let alone visit another salon :D …), £215 out of pocket.

    I will tackle Fresh tomorrow when I call them up…

    To finish I would just like to say, I would agree that this is petty considering all of the suffering in the world. But feel this rant has done me the world of good :D and I’ve learned my lesson… in future I’ll make do with a bowl, scissors and some toilet bleach.

    • Stella

      I so sympathise with you! I had the worst haircut of my life there!!! I went in with healthy, long hair, wanting just a slight trim, before an important job interview, and came out with half-a-head mullet and half of my hair burnt!!! In brief, when I asked for a refund I was first told that there is nothing wrong with my hair and that they “do not give refunds” (contrary to what the law stipulates). As the so called “experienced” hairdresser saw “nothing wrong” with my hair (whilst it was visibly a complete mockery – several truly experienced hairdressers have provided me with witness statements confirming this), I politely insisted on a refund. … ***edited *** Get in touch with me if you would like to discuss/join forces.

      • The comment above was edited, as I’m can’t have libellous statements that I can’t prove or disprove on my blog – I can’t afford the legal fees! (Sorry!)

  6. JO

    I have been twice to this salon. The first time was good so I thought I would venture back.
    Second time was any thing but good and a total rip-0ff. Included in the price is a supposed head and scalp massage – I am not sure how this can be justified in terms of the built in cost when your scalp doesn’t actually get touched durring the process! I wasn’t offered a drink / anything to read etc – all the basic customer service elemts you would expect. The cut was ok. The blow dry wasn’t – everything was so rushed and the stylist was clearly in a bad mood. My hair is a couple of inches below my shoulders and very thick – and yet the whole end to end process took 40 minutes. It is the only time I have been to the hairdressers, gone home and re-done my hair. NOT WORTH IT!

  7. E

    I’ve visited the salon a number of times over the past year for hair and beauty. It is wonderful. No complaints. It is a relaxing and tranquil place to be pampered. The staff are always helpful and friendly. It’s not cheap…but then I wouldn’t expect it to be. The salon is a big hit in Blackheath as nothing really compares to it even thought there are lots of hairdressers in the Village. All my friends go there and it always seems busy. I dont know anyone who has had a bad experience.

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