Mysterious Glyphs

Is this normal graffiti? It looks like it might possibly be Chinese? Or am I just hopeless at reading the tags that angry young men use these days. At least it doesn’t say “Tox ’08″….


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8 responses to “Mysterious Glyphs

  1. If you tilt your head and look at it sideways, it appears to be good old Latin alphabet. I still cannot make out what it means…

  2. Someone who can read Chinese, please correct me, but I fear it actually is just written on its side. With your head crooked, it looks like ‘Jek’ with possibly ‘oL’ or ’07’…
    I clearly spent far too long spotting tags in students’ exercise books. If only they knew that their tagged homework was the first thing the police always asked for.

  3. LS

    Looks like Jek1# to me…

  4. Eve

    I can read Chinese, and it’s definitely not Chinese! Like the others have said, it seems like ‘Jek’-something written sideways.

  5. Thanks Eve – all the cool kids on Twitter agree too – it’s not Chinese… No idea what it means though…

  6. Shimelle – if you see it in a text book, be sure to send us a photo!

  7. Eve

    I saw ‘Jek’ graffiti-ed on the Lee Road street sign this morning next to the letterbox in the Village… We need to catch this vandal before he defaces any more of our town!

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