Blackheath in 3D, in Google Earth

All Saints Church Blackheath in 3D

I was trying out the new version of Google Earth, and noticed that All Saints Church now appears in 3D, if you enable the “3D Buildings” option. The Dome is also modelled, as is the London Eye, and other famous landmarks. It looks fairly simple to add your own models, using Google’s free Sketch Up software… I had a quick go at creating a 3D version of The Railway pub, as it is a simple shape – It needs a lot of improvement, but you get the general idea:

The Railway Pub, Blackheath in 3D

Try downloading the software, and perhaps between us, we can create the whole of Blackheath in 3D! Also, if you’re into planetary things, you must try the new Mars model inside Google Earth. See here for more info.


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5 responses to “Blackheath in 3D, in Google Earth

  1. Jonathan Davies

    As a school project at Brooklands in the late 60s we drew the Village – Tranquil Vale, Royal Parade, Montpelier Vale and up the hill to the Music Conservatory. We sketched all the facades then redrew the streets in black ink on white card to make a model. Great fun.

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  3. If anyone wants to see the models I’ve made a start on, you can get them from here.

    (They haven’t been approved for Google Earth yet, and possibly won’t be, given the impressiveness of the other objects already approved!)

  4. RB

    Our you could just use the bird’s eye view function in MSN’s live maps.

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