A Windmill on Blackheath

A Windmill on Blackheath painting by J.M.W. Turner in the Tate Collection

The excellent blog Transpontine has a post about Turner‘s London paintings. It also linked to this painting, shown above, of “View on Lewisham Hill, Looking Up towards a Windmill on Blackheath 1796-7”.

It also shows how completely rural the area was back then! I always find it hard to imagine.

UPDATE: A different kind of windmills were mentioned on this blog a while back.


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4 responses to “A Windmill on Blackheath

  1. Mary

    There were, of course, a number of windmills on Blackheath – http://gihs.gold.ac.uk/gihs39.html will take you to a reference to a Guide article by the ever dynamic Neil Rhind – but he has written far more than that about it.

  2. Neil R

    I cannot place the Turner windmill on Blackheath anywhere. There was a mill on Morden Hill but the other side of the road. The Hollyhedge house mill had been removed in about 1768-69 and the two around Blackheath Vale were not approached by a road anything like as deep cut and rugged as in Turner’s picture. I suspect we are experiencing a little “artist’s licence” here or someone else added the caption later.

    Just a hunch

  3. des

    maybe its the view from eliot hill towards mounts pond and mill house

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