The boat that rocked?

Blackheath as a filming location? Several days were spent on scenes for “The Boat that Rocked” last year. It is supposed to be appearing in cinemas soon, and IMDB suggests the beginning of April. It looks like a reasonable idea for a comedy – based on the Radio Caroline pirate ship – maybe like an English Sixties version of Pump up the Volume? Anything that involves a slightly drunk looking Bill Nighy is probably worth the ticket price, even if Richard Curtis’ last few outings haven’t exactly left Blackadder in need of a cunning plan.

I couldn’t spot any Blackheath in the trailer. Will Philip Seymour Hoffman be nipping to a 1960s version of Shepherd Foods for some light refreshment? We shall find out…


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5 responses to “The boat that rocked?

  1. Blackheath Ann

    I can tell you first-hand about one scene because I went over with daughter to watch some of the filming! It was a night shoot in Eliot Vale and they were doing a scene where a carload of DJs drive up and after some amusing deliberation in the street, go into the large house of a ‘famous musician’ (a gopher told us it was meant to be Paul McCartney’ s house). A scene that probably takes up about 30 secs in the finished film, but naturally took ages to set up.
    We saw Richard Curtis himself directing, and Rhys Ifans (in feathered hat), Hoffmann and Nick Frost (I think – it was not possible to get too close). The street was cleared of anything too modern – all cars moved and vintage models brought in, street signs taken down, road markings covered up by a poor bloke who had to crawl round with tape and resident’s fences obscured with luxuriant foliage brought in pots (trying to create the ambience of famous musician’s country home and driveway). All lit with gigantic arc lights, quite exciting to watch for a while!

  2. That’s a nice description – someone else told me about a huge white ball being suspended in the air like an artificial moon!

  3. wendy rigg

    I live nearby, and was very excited to have the likes of Rhys Ifans in his dandy Carnaby Street purple suit and the rest of the cast hanging around outside my house. I too popped down to watch for a bit…we’d had a series of letters from a very efficient location manager telling us exactly what and when was going on. I marvelled at the sheer cost of the shoot – beautiful cars parked all the way up the street, their proud owners hanging around all night, spotlights up on the heath on cranes, catering for a hundred people, retake after retake, location buses galore – and all for what? As far as I could see – it hit the cutting room floor! Eliot Place resident who’s dreams of stardom hit the cutting floor…

  4. Blackheath Ann

    Is that scene not going to be in the finished film then Wendy? Surely not after all that effort and hours of shooting through the night?! I was looking forward to seeing our 10 seconds of fame!

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