Podcasts to the stars

Greenwich Observatory by Flickr user Yersinia
Here’s a nice idea. The Greenwich Observatory has started making a series of podcasts, called On The Line. Each podcast is about an interesting part of an exhibit, or answers questions posed by visitors.

This one is a question and answer session about a board game created by Margaret Brian – a female amateur astronomer who taught at a girls school in Blackheath towards the end of the 1800s.

The quality isn’t bad – there is some nice sound design at the beginning (in mono oddly, given that the rest of the podcast is in stereo), but there are some funny sounding edits in the middle, and it could have been a bit longer… However, on the whole it is a lovely idea, and I hope they keep doing this.

The subject matter could be perfect for some amazing sounding podcasts: I want to hear the sound of The Leonids flying past me, pulsars flashing between my ears, and comets over my head, but until this happens,  I won’t be removing the Planetary Radio podcast from my iPod just yet.

Photo by Flickr user Yersinia.

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