As suspected. No trains to London. No buses at all. No taxis from Blackheath taxis for 3 hours. And the train ticket office is shut.

Interestingly the newspaper vendor next to the ticket office is open. I asked him “how come you can open up but they can’t?”. “they are not serious, I think!”. Amen!


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3 responses to “Travel-off-itty

  1. Edith

    Sounds a lot like Crayford station this morning! To be fair though there was one member of Southeastern staff standing there along with the newspaper vendor. I don’t blame him for not opening the ticket office as there was nowhere to go.

  2. And Platform News delivered our Guardian to Foxes Dale at around 7.30 this morning. Good work, folks.

  3. Anonymous

    Beware of non-snow travel chaos on the roads next week. With hardly any publicity, TfL is set to close east-bound traffic on the A2 from the junction with Lewisham Road/ Greenwich South Street as far as Prince Charles roundabout. Eight weeks of diversions which are bound to clog up the village as they did during the ‘hole in the hill’ debacle.

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