Panorama of Blackheath in the snow

Blackheath Snow Panorama

Click the snowy landscape above to enlarge!

Taken by Mrs Bugle with her ageing Sony k800i mobile phone, complete with panorama functions and proper focussing lens, unlike my poncey iPhone.


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2 responses to “Panorama of Blackheath in the snow

  1. Blackheath Ann

    Cracking picture by Mrs B, my Motorola won’t do that wide-lens stuff. Lovely shots of the park below – I took smaller daughter out to meet up with friends and we joined in the tobogganing. It was a bit hairy with loads of people zooming dangerously in opposite directions…kids on plastic sledges, one giant toboggan with 2 Dads careering about, snowboarders and several loons encased in plastic binbags having Jackass moments. All in all a great day out of the kind rarely seen today and a kind of camaraderie-in-adversity feeling. Frozen toes forced a retreat to the slightly chaotic Cafe for warming coffee, then back home for drying off and more fun in the garden. Looks like schools will be closed tomorrow so I’m girding up for more of the same. Getting low on biscuits and other essentials though so may need an emergency dash to Shepherds. Let’s hope panic buying hasn’t stripped the shelves of over-priced Jaffa Cakes…

    • I completely agree! I’ve never seen so many complete strangers talking to each other in London! And the imaginative toboggans that I spotted were wonderful – “For Sale” signs, lots of road signs, an IKEA bag wrapped around a piece of board, and an inflatable Spiderman, to name a few! I suspect a few road signs will be missing this morning, due to excessive sledging….

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