Unlucky High Street?

Christmas Lights still up in Blackheath High Street 24th January
I could have sworn it was bad luck to leave Christmas Decorations up after Twelfth Night. They were still blazing away yesterday evening. Maybe it doesn’t apply to street decorations?


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7 responses to “Unlucky High Street?

  1. Ahh, but they probably aren’t Christmas Lights any more, and now are celebrating an obscure Zoroastrian cult with 4 local members.

  2. methers

    Annoying that they campaign for money every year for the Christmas lights, then waste cash keeping them illuminated all the way to the end of January.

  3. Volcane

    The current incarnation of christmas lights are pretty dismal compared to 3 years ago, maybe they’re trying to compensate :)

  4. Matt

    I’d spotted that too… They have at least – just – taken down the two Christmas trees at the edge of the village/heath.

  5. auchinairnboy

    Who supplies/pays for the electricity?

  6. darryl853

    I suppose in their defence, they turn them on quite late (December 8th or something like that). But it seems a waste…

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