A teaspoon of Blackheath, and an open mind

A TARDIS police box lands in Blackheath

An interesting coincidence:

Bob (writer of the wonderful reminiscence piece published earlier), asked yesterday:

The Blue Police Box (now called a TARDIS in the Dr. Who series) was once outside the Blackheath Bookshop, Tranquil Vale side.

Is it still there ?

It certainly isn’t there, although I wish it was! Does anyone know when it dematerialised?

Now for the coincidence: – at almost exactly the same moment, this piece of Doctor Who Fan Fiction was published!  A story about The Doctor appearing in Blackheath: http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=28721

Can I point out the site’s wonderful disclaimer: “Doctor Who and its accoutrements are the property of the BBC, and we obviously don’t have any right to them. Any and all crossover characters belong to their respective creators. Alas no one makes any money from this site, and it’s all done out of love for a cheap-looking sci-fi show.”  Brilliant!

The animation above was by me, except for the TARDIS, which was from Wikipedia.


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3 responses to “A teaspoon of Blackheath, and an open mind

  1. Anonymous

    Two views of Tranquil Vale in t’olden days show the exact location. Available from the Blackheath Society

  2. Bob Land

    The photo from 1940 is quite interesting, you can see that the Blue Box is surrounded by sandbags, a common sight in England in World War 2, many buildings and air raid shelters had them.

    Bob Land


    Mr Bugle, would it not be beneficial for the readers, that if somebody places a comment on an older subject, that this could be published first of all on the your Front Page, I found the reply by Anonymus , only because I had written the original
    posting myself. I am pretty sure that many readers
    don’t go back to subjects that they already have read in the past. Does this make sense ?

  3. Bob Land

    Please google the following :
    Tranquil Vale Box, Blackheath, TARDIS Builders, then click on the link
    and you will find two photos

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