Stop! Fixed!

The Bookshop on the Green in Blackheath

UPDATE: They’ve amended the page, so no harm done… Think my headline was a little premature.

Kake wrote to me to point out that this site was using a copy of the photo above that I took on their site.  The problem has quickly been fixed, and they have referenced the photo back to this site.

Actually their site looks good too – in fact it’s well worth a look.

Which reminds me-  I found another London Blog, called full of nice ideas about things to do in London.

There’s a great explanation of what Creative Commons is by Larry Lessig, who came up with the idea. Basically, you can use my work anywhere, for free, but you must link back to it from your site…. And if you choose to modify my work, you have to use the same type of license for your work too – which is doing, which is good!

There’s another brilliant talk about why this is a good idea by Cory Doctorow ( video or transcript ).


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5 responses to “Stop! Fixed!

  1. Disappointing, isn’t it? I started reading their blog a little while ago, and had assumed the photos were actually by the people who wrote the articles, given that the title/hover text on the photo claims so. Now I’m wondering whether _all_ their photos are copyvios!

  2. This morning I read a very kind e-mail by Blackheath Bugle asking us to undo our mistake. In the meanwhile, this article has been published. I have explained about our stupid mistake by e-mail. The short version:

    This was an administrative mistake on our side, and we’re very sorry! We always attribute all our pictures. In fact, we share all our content under the same license this website does! We’re publishing these cityblogs for the love of cities! We were therefore very sad to be called thiefs, before we had the chanceto explain ourselves. I trust you believe our intentions are good, and I hope you forgive us our mistake! I have also asked the initiator of this nice website to remove this article if he/she agrees with me.

    @Kake: Please keep reading our cityblogs :)!

    Bart van Poll
    initiator Spotted by Locals

  3. darryl853

    Well, I hope they won’t be doing it again…

  4. Thank you for changing the article! Good luck with this nice blog!

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