Benches and Pizzas

Pizzada restaurant in Blackheath

Matt writes:

Thought it was time to drop you another quick note. Firstly, I wanted to recommend Pizzada – I went there last night with my girlfriend to try it out and had a very tasty dinner, with notably excellent service. They’re definitely going to be out pizza takeaway of choice now.

Also, I didn’t know if you’d seen (or cared about!) the new park benches that have just appeared. There’s one on the green to the left as you walk from the village to the Hare And Billet, inscribed with “Violet and George Smyth – 2008”, and another one up on the heath just past the aforementioned pub. I’m intrigued as to who thinks it’s the season for park benches though…

Anyone taken a photo of the bench, or know about Violet and George Smyth?  Anyway – thanks for suggesting it, and will try Pizzada soon!


Through the power of the Bugle’s new Twitter accountSiobhan has supplied a photo of the mysterious new benches!

New park benches in Blackheath taken by twitter user Siobhan_


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3 responses to “Benches and Pizzas

  1. Flo

    My partner and I ate at Pizzada this evening and wanted to let all know that this is not a place to be judged on just one meal. We had awful service and mediocre food – and that’s being generous.

    The table next to us arrived before us and had to wait a good 20 minutes after we received our starter to be given theirs. Given that nothing on the menu is anywhere near complicated, that sort of wait is wholly unacceptable. There were other school boy errors going on around us, incorrect wine being served and waiting staff not knowing which orders to take tables to.

    We will certainly be leaving it a while before we go back – hoping that we can put the shoddy service down to teething problems.

    • george lloyd

      I agree with you flo on all points.
      There was a long delay between ordering and getting our food, and when we expressed our displeasure, the
      waiter was nothing short of rude and dismissive.
      The food is sub-standard for what we paid and we won’t be going there again.

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