“BOOP… Stand Well Clear… Vehicle Reversing”

Noisy dustcart blackheath greenwich council stand well clear

I swear, if I hear this noise (mp3) one more time this week I’m going to throw myself down behind that dustcart. Has anyone ever been saved from death by that stupid racket? If any of you dear sweet readers has a friend, who knows a friend, who once managed to avoid death as a result of a robot-machine-received-pronunciation-death-bot-voice-from-hell screaming “Stand Well Clear Big Brother Loves You”, then I’ll rethink my argument. Even if you were standing behind the bloody thing you’d hear it without the automatic-shoutbox bolted on to the back of the daft machine.  God help anyone who has to do night shifts.


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6 responses to ““BOOP… Stand Well Clear… Vehicle Reversing”

  1. One time Site Safety Officer

    There have been many deaths and injuries caused by vehicles reversing. The drivers blind spot is very large especially with dust carts. These recordings are one of the more rational and useful H&S measures. Your alternative is to pay more council tax and pay for a banks-man to see the area to the rear of the vehicle is clear each time it reverses.

  2. Anonymous

    Its not a stupid racket. Its law in the UK and other certain countries that reverse alarms such as this are fitted to commercial vehicles, they should change the law and have this fitted to ALL vehicles that pay tax, M.O.T. and insurance.

  3. Aldous

    It’s surely safer to have somebody look behind the vehicle. The noise is annoying and I too find it to be an offensive wake-up call by the nanny state. I’m sure most people just absorb it subconsciously as they dream but I find it bloody offensive.

  4. Anonymous

    The bin lorries in my street have no need of this noise as they and their operatives make enough noise to wake the dead anyway, and usually at around 6:30am!

  5. Linda francis

    Name of a pub in the 50s on blackheath hill

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