Fireworks at the point

Amazing (unofficial) Thai hot air balloons at The Point.


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5 responses to “Fireworks at the point

  1. siobhan

    This post makes sense of the strange light I saw floating through the sky from my bedroom window!

  2. Anonymous

    Did anybody else see the display of Thai hot air balloons over Blackheath last night (17th Feb) at around 9.15pm? About 30 floated past my window, the direction they were coming from looked like they were being set off on the the heath in an area opposite the Clarendon Hotel. It looked amazing!

  3. Anonymous

    Some people had these at November fireworks this year – as it was windy they didn’t get off the ground properly but blew at ground level – like tumbleweeds but with flames. With hundreds of people and small children around it was a real safety issue.
    The flame is not a candle but material soaked with petrol. So to put them out you had to catch them and then stamp on them for several minutes – only advisable if you were wearing heavy walking boots to protect yr feet/legs.
    With the mild winter if they catch a pile of leaves they can start fires really easily – particularly with the houses and gardens around the Point this was really REALLY stupid behaviour.
    they also leave behind a metal ring that can trap wildlife, and is often eaten by horses / cows and can cause severe suffering.
    So for a couple of moments of prettiness you can cause a lifetime of misery to a child / family / wild animal. cool.

  4. Kate B

    You don’t have to use any metal or petrol. I make mine with twigs, tissue paper, masking tape and copydex, with a stub of candle stuck on a twig and attached with more masking tape. But I don’t fly the big ones – I prefer to float them, they look ravishing on water (and everything’s more or less biodegradable). I only let small ones fly, and they burn up before they touch the ground. I’ve heard really bad stories about lanterns made with metal frames and apparently inextinguishable flames, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

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