Christmas Lights Switching on Ceremony video!

Blackheath Christmas Lights Switching on 2008

The Blackheath Christmas Lights are well and truly lit, Nick Ferrari (shouty LBC radio presenter) did the honours, and shouted strange crowd-pleasing things about the credit crunch, as shown in the video below, lovingly shot by Mrs Bugle…

He was joined by local councillors from Greenwich and Lewisham, and a local vicar. Earlier there had been a brass band playing Christmas Carols (provided by the Salvation Army), followed by a procession of church goers, who actually sang beautifully, despite looking rather scary in their black robes…

Salvation Army Brass Band in Blackheath playing Christmas Carols

And if the animated snow and flickering images are driving you nuts, let me know and I’ll change them!

Merry Christmas (almost). Now, where’s that mulled wine?


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5 responses to “Christmas Lights Switching on Ceremony video!

  1. Matt

    I was there too, and seem to have taken a photo at the exact same moment as you!

    Didn’t realise it was Nick Ferrari though, I was wondering.

  2. James

    Can’t believe they didn’t use Gary the Elvis impersonator this year

  3. how do you do the animated snow? It’s great!

  4. Thanks! I didn’t really have to do very much at all – details are here :

  5. ah, another reason I should switch to WordPress!

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