A couple of open replies…

Dear Nigel.  I really didn’t want you to send me the home address of the BNP leader for London.  I know it’s round here somewhere, but I’m not going to stick it on this website, and neither should you.  I think they’re an incredibly  grim little group, but the right to free association is no bad thing.

And on a lighter note:

Greenwich Picture House by khedera

Dear Becky,

It’s great that you are emailing local bloggers about the cinema, but I wish you’d been encouraging people to go to the Greenwich Picture House, and not the depressing Odeon which never seems to show any decent films!  I saw Waltz With Bashir at the picturehouse the other day, and it was amazing.  Every time I end up staggering past B&Q to get to the Odeon, I always end up seeing something awful.

Photo by flickr user khedara back before it was continually winter time…

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