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Christmas Lights Switching on Ceremony video!

Blackheath Christmas Lights Switching on 2008

The Blackheath Christmas Lights are well and truly lit, Nick Ferrari (shouty LBC radio presenter) did the honours, and shouted strange crowd-pleasing things about the credit crunch, as shown in the video below, lovingly shot by Mrs Bugle…

He was joined by local councillors from Greenwich and Lewisham, and a local vicar. Earlier there had been a brass band playing Christmas Carols (provided by the Salvation Army), followed by a procession of church goers, who actually sang beautifully, despite looking rather scary in their black robes…

Salvation Army Brass Band in Blackheath playing Christmas Carols

And if the animated snow and flickering images are driving you nuts, let me know and I’ll change them!

Merry Christmas (almost). Now, where’s that mulled wine?


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Blackheath Christmas Lights light up today at 4.30pm

Christmas lights as found on flickr

Just noticed that the Christmas lights are due to be switched on at 4.30pm today (Saturday).  Will try and get a photo, but not sure where the action usually takes place!  Will keep you posted.

There’s more info on www.blackheathlights.co.uk although I’m not sure about their plan to team up with the  Locale restaurant to raise money…  Handmade foods might have been a better bet!

Photo above (not of Blackheath) by flickr user mandj98

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A couple of open replies…

Dear Nigel.  I really didn’t want you to send me the home address of the BNP leader for London.  I know it’s round here somewhere, but I’m not going to stick it on this website, and neither should you.  I think they’re an incredibly  grim little group, but the right to free association is no bad thing.

And on a lighter note:

Greenwich Picture House by khedera

Dear Becky,

It’s great that you are emailing local bloggers about the cinema, but I wish you’d been encouraging people to go to the Greenwich Picture House, and not the depressing Odeon which never seems to show any decent films!  I saw Waltz With Bashir at the picturehouse the other day, and it was amazing.  Every time I end up staggering past B&Q to get to the Odeon, I always end up seeing something awful.

Photo by flickr user khedara back before it was continually winter time…

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