Very Off License

Pizzada restaurant in Blackheath
Lots of changes afoot upon the high street, and I’m not diligent enough to keep up with them. First of all, the tapas (I think?) restaurant up near the bookshop has turned into “Pizzada”. I’m hoping this is some sort of Russian Pizza-house, to keep up with their cold-war fanatic neighbours, but actually looks to be a “Mediterranean all day dining experience”… Or a pizza joint. Never went to the Tapas place, but the sight of wipe-clean place mats scared me off (unless I’m thinking of the Mexican place two doors down?). Anyway, hope the food is better than the website.

Threshers off license in Blackheath is closing
Next up, Threshers is packing it in. I guess if you want cheap plonk, you go to Booze Busters, and if you want nice wine you go to Nicolas – they were always somewhere in between.

Everest Inn Nepalese and Indian Restaurant Blackheath is moving
The mountain is moving to the Buddha. Without stretching my tortuous GCSE religious studies analogies any further, I think we’ll wait and see how this one pans out…

Thanks to Matt for the slightly confusing, but thoroughly good email… He also pointed out that a Christmas tree has appeared on the traffic island opposite the bookshop, but I didn’t manage to grab a photo of that…


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6 responses to “Very Off License

  1. Blackheath Ann

    The clothes shop ‘Chloe’ on Montpelier Vale has also recently shut and that’s been there for as long as I can remember. Not a good sign for Village retailing, hope something else opens up there as we don’t want a lot of empty premises.. I wonder what will move into the old Everest Inn – Momofranks could possibly move across and then they would have a restaurant license.

    • Yes, although from the look of how Momo Frank’s dealt with the council in the past, I doubt they’d be encouraged. What I’d like is a food shop sold basics without charging an arm or a leg.

  2. Sue Ellen

    Well I’m delighted to say that the premises will be filling a massive hole in the local market and turning into a… a… wait for it… Indian restuarant.

  3. Anonymous

    Ex-Threshers set to be posh paint shop.

  4. Kate

    Posh paint as in decorating or artist supplies?

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