Hext and neon lights in Blackheath

Hext hairdressing salon neon sign in Blackheath, London

The rather lovely neon sign next to the Library in Blackheath.  I think there are only two neon signs in the whole of Blackheath – the one above, and the Thai restaurant next door (“Lai Cram”, which I have never been to, and keep saying that I should).

I really like this sign for some reason.  It looks very stylish to me, even though I’d hate there to be any more neon lighting up the high street, I’m glad it is there.  It is one of the very few great bits of typography in Blackheath, along with The Travel Lounge, which appears to be closing down.

Photo take by Flickr user Bellefox Rendezvous, who has a whole set of Blackheath pics.


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7 responses to “Hext and neon lights in Blackheath

  1. You’ve never been to Lai Cram? I’ve been going there for a couple of years now and if anything it’s got better recently. The neon sign always helps to lure me in.

  2. darryl853

    I remember doing some kind of school project around that side of the village years back and coming across that sign for the first time – it’s always fascinated me. It looks like it could be some swinging 60s boutique.

  3. Sarah

    You definitely should try the thai place. They do a really lovely chickeney-noodley thing.

  4. Andrew Brown

    Mrs Hext is a very nice lady, as well as obviously being tasteful.

    She used to come to my surgery every so often, when I used to do that sort of thing, and let me know what had been going on.

  5. Lucy

    I remember getting my hair cut there as a child in the late 60’s early 70’s and thinking it was the height of sophistication. Fab that there is at least one shop remaining in Blackheath from my youth that hasn’t been turned into a bar/restaurant/cafe.

  6. That’s a nice story. Let me know if any other recollections from Blackheath in that era spring to mind!

  7. Does anyone remember O’Brien Thomas in the same street as Hext? I remember going there with my Dad as a child – was it a hardware shop?

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