Cab Driver: “I love Blackheath…”

Black taxi cab in London

Me: “Oh yes, it’s great.”

Cab driver:  “Yeah, it’s like a rose in the middle of a steaming pile of manure.”

Interesting description…  I wouldn’t go that far myself, but it’s always nice to hear someone complimenting the place where you live.

He also had an alternative reason for the name Blackheath, but I can’t remember what it was… It wasn’t the Black Death, and it wasn’t the darker sand theory… Perhaps it will come back to me after the hangover clears…

Photo by Flickr user Neovain used under a creative commons license.


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2 responses to “Cab Driver: “I love Blackheath…”

  1. thesmallestkitchen

    could it be `black rose` referring to `like a rose in the middle of a steaming pile of manure?` Once I heard there were black roses growing on the heath…I am afraid I don`t remember the details either.

  2. MaxMax

    I get that from every single cab driver who takes me back home, weekly.
    Sometimes they even push themselves to ask me for the average price of properties here, or tell me about their plans to sell the black cab, marry their girlfriend and retire here in blackheath (this happened today!) eheh.
    Anyways, if I’d live in Peckham that wouldn’t happen, so I’m quite happy, as you say, that cabbies appreciate our little happy village. :)

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