The shadowy figure of a woman in Victorian clothes still haunts the Hare and Billet Road

The Hare and Billet Pub, Blackheath, old painting

Matt wrote:

Hey – I only just saw an old blog post of yours about the Hare and Billet Ghost. I’m actually the guy who wrote the original message board post about it, and my friends seriously saw it before Googling. Well, they say anyway.

It doesn’t seem to show any more as the AOL page it came from has been deleted, but I’ve found a cached version. If you’re still interested, I’d be grateful if you could blog it to preserve it for posterity:

“Hare and Billet Road, Blackheath, SE10

The shadowy figure of a woman dressed in Victorian clothes still haunts the area of the Hare and Billet Road.

She is thought to have been a woman who had just left her husband and was waiting for her lover, who never arrived. When she realised that she had been jilted she hanged herself from an elm tree.

Her ghost has been seen as recently as November, 1971, when she is said to have almost collided with a bank executive who did not realise that she was a ghost.”

There’s a cached version here.

I’ve no idea whether this is a genuine local myth, or has been recently created. But I suppose all myths start somehow…

Image credit:  “Near the Hare and Billet Inn” – a section from a painting by Thomas Luny (1759-1837) held in the British Library.


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4 responses to “The shadowy figure of a woman in Victorian clothes still haunts the Hare and Billet Road

  1. Jo

    Hooray for the internet archive where, in keeping with the ‘spirit’ of your post, old internet pages do not die but merely move to another plane ;)*/

    21 April 2005 had some info about this. Probably most of the pages listed do, but that’s just the one I happened to check on.


  2. Neil R

    Hare & Billet Road is not in SE10 – perhaps that is where the “modern myth” reveals its inadequacy. I have been told a number of ghost stories about Blackheath over the years and none survives careful investigation. Alas ….

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  4. gretz

    look guys im in class 5 but i live in blackheath so so so close to the hare and billet pub me and my friend are on an important case of this pub of the ghost if you have any mre TRUE details please please please email me at thanks so much and that story is awsome cant wait to here more guys cant wait i am on a real case and im a detective thanks see ya xxx

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