Spooks in Blackheath

Bookshop on the Heath in Spooks on BBC1

I’ve just spotted The Bookshop on the Heath (more here) in Spooks on BBC1 (see iPlayer to watch the episode, about 26min30sec in).

Harry goes off to see an old spy, who turns out to be up to something, whilst nodding off over some Soviet literature… Selectric gets a nice bit of product placement, too!
Selectric in Blackheath Village shown in Spooks on the BBC

Inside the Bookshop on the Heath in Spooks

There’s also a shot of the military college in Greenwich later on, I think.

Of course the official site doesn’t go into any of the references mentioned in the episode, such as the mysterious “How to Get 165 Eggs from Every Chicken” alluded to in the Blackheath scene. Where is the director’s podcast commentary, like in BSG?!

Images copyright BBC.


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4 responses to “Spooks in Blackheath

  1. Maisie

    I enjoy Spooks partly because we can play the “spot the SE London location.” It seems that any spy worth their salt hangs out in Greenwich Park and any scene involving a kidnapping/torture in a warehouse – just look out for an SE Train in the background. :)

    In fact I recall seeing some filming around the bookshop during the summer. I guess it could have been this episode.

  2. Brenda

    I live in Charlton and was asked once if we could leave space outside our house for the day for the crew trucks as they were filming in the house a few doors up.

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