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How many inspectors does it take to catch a fare dodger?

Ticket Inspectors at Blackheath Station

Well, let’s think…  One to check the tickets, and one to do the booking?

No, maybe one to check the tickets, one to do the booking, and one to grab the dodger?

Okay okay, two to check the tickets, one to book the dodger, and another one to hold him down…  So that’s four.

Maybe one more to chase them if they run off?  And a couple more to stand around looking officious…  Yes.  Seven ticket inspectors for the only exit at Blackheath station from the platform coming back from London.

And they wanted to see the photo after I’d taken it.  Probably to check that I captured their good sides.

I know they’re just doing their jobs, and really, that’s fine.  But you me and everybody else sweating on those miserable trains is paying £712 a week year for this.

It ain’t great.  They didn’t even reply to my email yet.

Presumably another seven people are looking into it as I type this.


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