Chapters All Day Dining

Chapters All Day Dining, Blackheath restaurant

Still haven’t made it into the new version of Chapter Two, now called Chapters All Day Dining.  It looks very nice from the outside, and the menu looks… well, er, cheaper!  Which I guess is good news… Is this is a credit crunch decision?  Have they dropped the quality and gone down market?  It doesn’t look that way from the outside, and I’m away for a week, so will not be able to let you know for a little while yet…

I’m looking forward to finding out – let me know if you have anything to say!

Never did win that trip to New York


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5 responses to “Chapters All Day Dining

  1. Lucy

    I’ve been a bit disappointed by Chapters, I’ve tried to go three times for lunch, the first two times I was turned away because it was too full (never a problem with the old Ch 2 cafe) and when I did get a table on my third attempt my food was burnt and not that great. They also have stopped doing their delicious soup to take away. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt as they have just reopened and were probably just having teething problems but I hope that get their act together quickly!

  2. matty

    Two fine brunches and a good steak lunch so far. I’ll miss the cafe at lunchtime: it was always great value, but the Full English makes up for it. Currently building confidence to go for the Eggy bread, Marmalade and ice cream…

  3. james

    Went to Chapters today. They do not serve Dinner till 6pm but no one thought to tell us when we booked. Lots of staff but no one knew what was on the menu and they were untrained. It was like something out of the new Raymond Blanc TV series! The place was soulless and you practically had to beg for service. The menu was poor and unimaginative. The staff admitted it had deliberately gone down market. After two very expensive drinks we cancelled our order and went to Davitos round the corner; good service, nice people and an atmosphere!

  4. sam

    We went to a last weekend. They managed to take nearly two hours to serve one course for two people on a not very busy Saturday lunch time. Originally one of the waiters said it was the chefs day off but then the one of the managers said that the electricity kept turning off every three minutes!?!

    Give it a miss (its not as if there are no other choices.)

  5. Roger

    I went for my mother’s birthday, having thoroughly enjoyed Sunday lunch at Chapter Two in the past.

    The waiting staff were over attentive at first – four staff to take our drinks order, give us menus and explain the specials board. There were only four of us eating! As the meal went on this overzealous nature waned to the point of ignoring us.

    The food was okay. My quail starter was raw. The waitress took it back to the kitchen for it to be brought back cremated. The pork belly is still superb and the chicken was nice, although the fish cooked with cocoa beans was tasteless.

    The steak was passable, but not a patch on Buenos Aires.

    Overall, below par food and serves for slightly above par prices.

    There are defiantly better places to eat in Blackheath and the environs.

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