Say Aaaargh

Dentists Sculpture in Blackheath

This has always puzzled me… It sits outside the dentists in Blackheath.  You can’t really tell from the terrible photo (yes, one of mine, how did you guess), but he really looks like he’s in pain.  I guess it depicts the patient before treatment, rather than after, otherwise they wouldn’t get many takers?

Having said that, they clearly don’t need many customers…  Or are they patients?  Last time I phoned, they were completely full, and not interested in taking any more NHS people.  I can’t help wondering if these places fill their quotas with NHS patients, and then never remove any non-attending people from their lists.  People move around so much in London that it seems very likely that the majority of the list are zombies.

But I suppose you wouldn’t want to clear down a list of non-existent patients, if it meant that all your new customers have to go private, would you?  I just don’t understand when your teeth no longer became part of the rest of the body, and the government stopped being interested in the dental health of the population.

NHS rant over… They both do it much better than me anyway.


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3 responses to “Say Aaaargh

  1. matty

    I’ve recently moved dentists and am now with the one on Creek Road almost next door to the big new development next to the Laban. They are (or were a few weeks ago) taking on NHS patients.

    They’ve got all the modern kit and I’ve been very happy with the work done there. I’ve saved literally hundreds of pounds, depite the fact that I’ve chosen to have a non nhs white ceramic inlay put in there.

  2. PeterB

    The Charlton Dental Practice, next to Blackheath Rugby Club ( 66 Charlton Road I think) accept NHS patients and i’ve had good care there over many years.

  3. Anna

    Thanks for the tip guys – I’ve been trying to find an NHS dentist for ages (not trying hard enough really – but was spurred on by this post). Have just booked myself in to the Creek Road practice as an NHS patient and have an appointment there tomorrow!


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