Station being painted… Again

The station again appears to be getting a lick of paint. There didn’t actually seem to be much activity when I struggled past with my suitcase (bugles are going away for a week), but maybe they were on their lunch break or something.

It really does need cleaning up though. Both outside and in are looking pretty shabby these days. Maybe they are holding off until the estate agency is demolished to make way for the disabled lift that is planned?


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6 responses to “Station being painted… Again

  1. nick

    were you lying down when you took this photo?

  2. Not exactly, but somehow the phone thought I’d taken it on one side, and I’m nowhere near a computer now, so can’t fix it! (this comment is sent from my phone).

  3. James Parkin

    what phone is it?

    it should let you rotate it

  4. It is an iPhone, (although I prefer the name Trouser Mac). Usually it is really clever, as it detects the orientation of the camera using the motion sensors, but when you are hurrying over the crossing with a heavy suitcase, holding the phone at a slightly too jaunty angle, it can get confused! And I can’t fix it until I get to a computer!

  5. James Parkin

    argh iPhone, my biggest regret

    have to wait until 2010 to get a new phone now too

  6. James

    well those painters are clas, st georges cross in the van, and playing hopscotch

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