Mysterious messages

Blackheath Geocaching Berocca Tube

UPDATE UPDATE:  The cache is back – perhaps it never left?

UPDATE:  The cache has been pinched – so don’t go looking for it right now.  I’ll replace it soon!

The Blackheath Bugle Geocache has been a great success, except for this cryptic report:

Found the cache easily enough and it’s good to be able to support a new cacher in the area. There are more logs in the cache than here on line and I think at least one of the logs was by a muggle due to the content of the comment.

Which is intriguing…  Have some grumpy teenagers written something rude in there?  I’ve been really busy recently, so I’m wondering what on earth has been scrawled in the log book!

If anyone else manages to find the cache, please take a photo of the log, and send it to me!


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5 responses to “Mysterious messages

  1. I went there today on my lunchbreak, but couldn’t find it. Admittedly, it was raining, and there were tons of kids there playing football, and I was there in my suit.. but no joy I’m afraid.

    Would have been my first cache, too..

  2. James

    Went along this afternoon, and made a fool of ourselves scrabbling around in the mud. Looks like someone has half inched it.

    proof here

    was very excited on our way down, looks like the council have been too efficient in their litter clearing

  3. Oh, how disappointing! What a shame! I’ll try and replace it, as I’ve got another empty bottle of Berrocca lying around, but I’m going to be away for a week this week… Apologies for getting your hopes up!

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