The Umbrella People

No Day Is So Bad by Flickr user B Tal

To the couple waiting for the 7:12 to Charing Cross at Blackheath Station…  It had been raining, and it was really windy…

Umbrella dumped at Blackheath Station

They threw their umbrella on to the grass verge, because it had turned inside out.  No need to keep it with them, or find a waste bin.

I’ve seen the people who give up their weekends so that “professional couples” like this can litter their own public spaces.  Stupid suit-wearing troglodytes.

Of course, I didn’t actually say that.  I said “Someone’s got to tidy that up, you know”, and the response was “shut yer face”.  England prevails.  Though sometimes I wish it didn’t.

Non-Blackheath photo by Flickr user B Tal.


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5 responses to “The Umbrella People

  1. Maisie

    Couldn’t you just take the umbrella and wrap it around their thick antisocial necks.

    God I hate lazy, selfish idiots like that. They care about nothing and no one. Well done on at least saying something…I usually just tut.

    I just cannot understand the mindset if morons like that. How do they ever assume that such behaviour is acceptable in a civilised country?

    Then again…maybe we aren’t as civilised as we like to believe.

  2. Jason

    Egads…there is nothing so infuriating as someone who intentionally litters. I can’t fathom the thought process by which they justify their actions (or this person’s response to you).

  3. Julie

    She’s got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

  4. The photo was taken in New York I think… No idea who she is, just liked it…

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