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Photos from the Blackheath Funfair

Blackheath Funfair fairground ride by Emma Webb

Flickr user Emma Webb has posted some fantastic pictures of various fairground rides on the heath.

The funfair (near the Greenwich end of the heath) finished on Monday (I think?), so if you fancied eating too much candy floss, and feeling a bit ill on the Waltzer, you’ll have to make do with the photos…

It certainly looks more impressive in the dark than it did in the drizzle.

Blackheath Funfair fairground ride by Emma Webb


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Stop pointing that thing at me…

Blackheath Fun Fair near Greenwich Park

Mrs Bugle is officially lethal with a shot gun… What are we going to do with a load of tacky toys from the fun fair?! Seven shots out of seven!

Soft toys won at the Blackheath Fairground Funfair

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Sprouting buildings

Several of the rooftops along the high street are sprouting plants, like tufts of hair. I quite like these – I’m sure they are completely unplanned, but they make me smile. The butchers shop is also sporting some foliage, but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it.

All this greening the tops of things that aren’t usually green reminds me a bit of the strange banana bridge in Mile End Park.

Maybe there are some buildings that could take this a bit further – we could have a lovely green lawn on top of the station perhaps?

Photos taken by me with the new, slightly less rubbish iphone! Look forward to some posts about Geocaching and wifi around Blackeath… I feel some GPS activity coming on!


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Puccino’s music


I finally plucked up the courage to ask the Puccinos coffee stand what the music is that can be heard wafting out from there, along with the coffee aroma…

Incidentally, whilst their coffee is lovely, their bottled water is expensive  Рmuch more than the water sold from the little newspaper stall in the waiting room.

Anyway – back to the plot – It is Classic FM, in case you were wondering. It’s really nice to hear this sort of thing whilst waiting for the train. Maybe they could pipe it through the PA system, instead of reminding us not to smoke.

And why does the PA at Charing Cross station always say “luggage left unattended may be destroyed or damaged”? Have they been sued by someone in the past whose luggage was damaged but not actually destroyed? Drives me nuts each time I hear it!

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Don’t go north of the railway, whatever you do!

Blackheath Crime Map beta from the Met Police

Spotted this new set of crime maps being tested by the met police. It’s a nice idea, and good to see this sort of data being offered to the public. I was surprised to see which parts of Blackheath get the worst figures. Do you think it is down to dodgy goings on on the heath? Or altercations outside the many pubs within the scary-looking Red Zone?


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Tuck’s Corner – how it will look

Mock up of John Payne Estate Agents at Tuck's Corner, Blackheath

Following on from the previous post about John Payne Estate Agents, and various musings about what it will become, I’m pleased to say that Adam has sent me a link to a couple of their mock-ups. From his comment:

We (John Payne Estate Agents) are in the process of opening a new office in that location, but it has taken us longer than we expected, mostly due to the extensive internal redecorating that was required and the planning procedures for our external changes.

We are very proud to be based in Blackheath and to be one of the longest established agents in the area. As such we are very keen to ensure our presence is thoroughly in keeping with the local area and respecting tradition

We are planning on restoring the fascia to a style far more similar to how it would have originally been in the earlier part of the 20th century.

To give you a better idea, see the photos below showing a mockup of what we have planned, along with a photo from an earlier era.

Original photo used with permission from Ed Richardson.

I have to say, it looks like a big improvement. I’m not all in favour of maintaining Victorian styles purely for the sake of them (there’s an interesting article on this by the god-like Meades here), but in the case of Blackheath Village, a sense of conservatism (with an extremely small “c”) seems appropriate.

Old photo of Tuck's Corner, Blackheath, used with permission from Ed Richardson.


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Bright Lights, Big City

39 Tranquil Vale Planning Request

Noticed this planning application for an “externally illuminated fascia” on my travels the other day.

Tuck's Corner, Blackheath, estate agents

It is proposed for the estate agency on the corner of Tranquil Vale and Blackheath Village (the high street), which I think used to be known as Tuck’s Corner. You can see the full proposal here (if the link still works, and if it doesn’t, then do a search here for reference DC/08/69555/FT ).

At least it is externally illuminated, so I guess it won’t look like a Chicken Cottage.

Anyway, if you have strong feelings about this (or any other proposal), you can tell your local planning officer.  The email address is and quote the reference DC/08/69555/FT.

The Westcombe Society also operates an excellent blog, noting all the latest planning proposals in the area.


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