By unusual glyphs, learn everything

Blackheath's Secret Code

There was a great story on the Today programme yesterday morning about secret codes. There’s a more detailed explanation of how the wartime diary was decoded here.  I can’t resist a code, so if you fancy it, I present to you “The Blackheath Code”:


Have a look at this,


Then answer question 4, and you should have no trouble decoding The Blackheath Code.  You’ll find the keyword if you stare at the headline to this post.  The answer will be published in a few days.

Further reading, and highly recommended (although entirely unrelated to Blackheath) “The Code Book” by Simon Singh.


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4 responses to “By unusual glyphs, learn everything

  1. Jo

    Ah… if you’re publishing the answer in a few days it’s probably not sporting of me to write what I think the answer is.

    I’ve just come back from a conference where two people from Plus Magazine were delegates, and Simon’s new book (Trick or Treatment) was mentioned in passing. OK, not that spooky.

    This is though

    Further explanation

  2. No, it definitely is sporting to post the answer!

    The “Lincolnshire Poacher” is a superb piece of radio – one of my favourites! And Speechification is a great site.

    If you want to hear all of the number stations in full, there is a brilliant set of them at The Conet Project:

    I keep thinking that they’d make great ring tones… But maybe I’m just odd.

  3. Jo

    “Blackheath’s caves are hidden beneath you” – ?

    That’s my guess for the answer… Now that I’ve downloaded Audacity sound editing software I might try and create a ring tone from the scary gong one. I’ve already done so for those NASA beeps (quindar tones) but the file needs a bit of work. I like my bleeps and bloops :)

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