Sprouting buildings

Several of the rooftops along the high street are sprouting plants, like tufts of hair. I quite like these – I’m sure they are completely unplanned, but they make me smile. The butchers shop is also sporting some foliage, but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it.

All this greening the tops of things that aren’t usually green reminds me a bit of the strange banana bridge in Mile End Park.

Maybe there are some buildings that could take this a bit further – we could have a lovely green lawn on top of the station perhaps?

Photos taken by me with the new, slightly less rubbish iphone! Look forward to some posts about Geocaching and wifi around Blackeath… I feel some GPS activity coming on!


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5 responses to “Sprouting buildings

  1. Jo

    Very nice picture quality on those, and a lovely blue sky.

  2. Never mind the sprouting, that building on the right is sinking into the ground…

  3. Fizzy

    It’s Buddleia and it’s a sign of poor maintenance – it will wreck the brickwork in no time.

  4. Interesting about the poor maintenance thing, maybe British Rail (they’re not called that any more, are they?), should be warned…

    Also (to Westcombe G), whilst I’d like to think that “The Railway” could be Blackheath’s answer to “The Leaning Tower of Pisa”, I’m afraid that the angle is more likely to be down to my ropey photography…

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