Blackheath Dry Cleaners

Blackheath Dry Cleaners, 20 Blackheath Village

Just experimented with Blackheath Dry Cleaners today, with good results… Better than the last one I lived near, who upon dry cleaning a suit for a wedding then told me that it wasn’t ready one day before the wedding. There are really only a few things you want from a dry cleaner – to clean the clothes, and to have them ready when they say they will.

Anyway, they did the job perfectly – not exactly cheap, but very convenient and friendly service.

I couldn’t find their opening hours online, so in a bid to turn this blog into an extension of my own memory, here are is a list of when they are open (correct as of 19th August 2008).

Blackheath Dry Cleaners Opening HoursMonday 7.30am – 7pm
Tuesday 7.30am – 6pm
Wednesday 8am – 6pm
Thursday 8am – 6pm
Friday 7.30am – 7pm
Saturday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday Closed

And they do do duvets.

20 Blackheath Village, London, SE3 9SY 020 8852 6771

Google Map here.


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13 responses to “Blackheath Dry Cleaners

  1. Anonymous

    It’s the worst dry cleaners that I’ve ever used not only they do not clean your clothes properly but they tend to destroy your garments. Anyway the old women does not have any customer service skills she’s rude not only to the customers but as well as the staff (I feel sorry for the poeple who work there). They tend to destroy or lose (YES LOSE) your cleaning and then it takes ages to get your money back…. be aware we know it and soon the Traiding Standard will know it!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      100% agree. they lost part of my dress and denied it was there in the first place. they checked cctv footage to ensure i was not lying. customer is always right, right? not in this case!

  2. That hasn’t been my experience- I’ve used them quite a few times, and they’ve always been fine.

  3. LadyMuck

    Haven’t had any bad experiences either but I do agree with the serious lack of customer service. I now prefer to use the dry cleaners by The Crown who are far more personable.

  4. Blackheath Ann

    I’ve never had any probs either and have used them since Sketchley’s closed – for clothes, furniture covers, duvets and alterations.

  5. Kate B

    I’ve had a silk dress and jacket cleaned there in the last month (since the late lamented demise of Swallow Cleaners down by Lewisham Station). The dress was impeccable, the jacket had a small stain that the chap hadn’t noticed, but steam-cleaned perfectly as I watched. They’re not cheap, but I’d use them again for something fine.

  6. We’ve used them dozens of times over the last few years — always been fine. And prompt. And never lost anything.

  7. David N

    I have used them a few times now. They are the most unpleasant, sneering, rude bunch of people. I will not be using them again.

  8. Anonymous

    How does the one by The Crown pub compare in prices? Does anyone know? I personally love this dry cleaner as they have always cleaned my clothes well and you can even smell it! It smells fresh! Other dry cleaners I’ve been to, they just look the same when they come out. Not good!

    I’ve always found the woman (short blond hair) really friendly and helpful.

  9. Ucbtmbk

    I would advise you to avoid using this dry cleaners.

    I have used this cleaners on a couple of occasions since moving to the area in August. I felt the need to post an online review due to the poor state in which a dress and a blouse were left.

    The cleaners advertises a shirt washing and ironing service for £1.80 per item. I have a pussy bow blouse which is fiddly to iron, so I thought I would take advantage of this. When I took the item, along with a dress, to the store the surly middle aged male who served me rang up the item as costing £4.15 to clean. When I challenged him on this after examining my ticket (they do not have a price list – when I asked for one on my first visit he seemed offended at the request) he explained that this was because the blouse would be a more difficult item to press. I wasn’t entirely happy with this as it seemed like quite a price hike, but I thought, it is better than my spending 20 minutes ironing the bow bit myself. Wrong!

    When I collected the blouse it had been packed together with the dress, so that I could not see the front of the blouse, and in order to examine it would have had to remove all the plastic – as it was raining outside and I had a few minutes walk I decided not to go to the trouble. I wish I had taken it out in the store to have a look – when I got the items home and removed them from the plastic, the front of the blouse and pussy bow was all creased and crushed. It looked like whoever ironed it had barely made any effort at all to press it properly. If I wanted a poorly ironed pussy bow blouse I could easily do that myself and not pay £4.15 for the trouble.

    Equally bad was the way they had “cleaned” the dress, using cheap or an insufficient quantity of chemicals. The dress still held a faint body odour and looked like it had a sheen on the trim around the neck that dulled and spoilt its appearance. I paid close to £10 for the privilege of having them press a dirty dress.

    The surliness of the service from the middle aged dark haired man who seems to run the place is reason enough to give this place a wide berth. Add to this the poor state in which my dress and blouse were returned, and I strongly recommend you avoid this cleaners. I intend to give the one on Royal Parade, a few minutes walk from this one, a go and would recommend you do the same.

  10. ND

    stroll down to Durrant’s in Greenwich (near Inside) – they always do a sterling job at very reasonable prices

  11. I think that they’re really nice and good here! I’m actually about to go and drop off a bunch of clothes rather than use the Hither Green bunch.

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