Mysterious garden

Primetime Video shop rear exit

I went wandering around Prime Time on Saturday (they seem to have taken down the “VHS Sale” signs finally), and was shocked to see that for the first time I can remember, the fire exit doors at the back were wide open.

I had always assumed that there would be a rickety old metal fire escape down to an alleyway out at the back, but no! It looks like there is a rather nice little garden down there, with decking and parasols,. Looked like a lovely spot to eat your fish and chips – perhaps the chip shop will open it up – or maybe PrimeTime will take up my suggestion of turning their lower floor into a cocktail bar, using the garden at the back during the summer…

And before you ask, I couldn’t find the film I was looking for (Blade Runner the Final Cut…  Under F for Harrison Ford, S for Ridley Scott, or B in the Sci Fi section?!)


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4 responses to “Mysterious garden

  1. Pat

    Don’t know if the “Final Cut” but if you want to see “Blade Runner” for free check out the Frijj festival at the Odeon Greenwich they are showing it next Thursday 28th August.
    We saw Gladiator last week and there was only about twenty people in the cinema.

  2. The reason I wanted the DVD was because we had just seen Blade Runner at the Surrey Quays Odeon (as you say – only about 20 people in the cinema), and I wanted to watch the “making of” documentary on one of the DVDs! That Frijj festival is a real bargain – I might mention it in a post on here.

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  4. Kim

    This is a residential garden. I have just opened a Pilates studio and they are my next door neighbours. It is like a little hidden part of Blackheath!

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