Daily Archives: August 19, 2008

Mysterious garden

Primetime Video shop rear exit

I went wandering around Prime Time on Saturday (they seem to have taken down the “VHS Sale” signs finally), and was shocked to see that for the first time I can remember, the fire exit doors at the back were wide open.

I had always assumed that there would be a rickety old metal fire escape down to an alleyway out at the back, but no! It looks like there is a rather nice little garden down there, with decking and parasols,. Looked like a lovely spot to eat your fish and chips – perhaps the chip shop will open it up – or maybe PrimeTime will take up my suggestion of turning their lower floor into a cocktail bar, using the garden at the back during the summer…

And before you ask, I couldn’t find the film I was looking for (Blade Runner the Final Cut…  Under F for Harrison Ford, S for Ridley Scott, or B in the Sci Fi section?!)


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