Save Greenwich Park on Facebook

Squirrel in Greenwich Park, by flickr user law_keven

Just wanted to draw your attention to the various Save Greenwich Park bits and pieces on Facebook (as spotted by Jacqueline).  I thought I’d put them in a post, rather than just publish her comment, as she provided a useful link:

There is a Facebook group called Save Greenwich Park.  It is open to anyone to join.

Inside the group, a member called Caroline has created an Event, suggesting a protest each Sunday, (which I think would involve walking along the proposed route)…  So far so good, but it would appear to have been cancelled.  The first one was due to take place on Sunday 17th August at 2pm.  I’ve emailed Caroline to find out when the next event will be – and I’ll post up here when I get a reply.

In the meantime, I’d remind you to keep an eye on the “No to Greenwich Olympic Equestrian Events” website, at

You can see the proposed route for the Olympic event here.

The completely wonderful (if not totally relevant) photo of the squirrel was taken by Flickr user law_keven and is used under a creative commons license.  (Well, it’s peeking out from behind a Greenwich Park tree – it’s close enough!)

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