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And Blackheath’s Greggs completes the set…

Greggs in Blackheath

Now, here is a treat… The beautiful and picturesque Greggs of Blackheath has been captured for posterity here, and is part of a strangely mesmorising set of photos – watch the slideshow here.

Watching the slide show really paints a strange view of the UK. Many of the shops are almost empty… Lots of them have people wandering past, staring in, contemplating whether to have a pasty or not. Some of them are modern, and look like a branch of Dollond & Aitchison, whilst others look like they are falling to pieces, next to shops that look like squats. They also show just how alike many of the UK’s high streets have become. Not like the old days….

Many thanks to Flickr user blueme for permission to use the photo.


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