Chapter Two Restaurant becomes Chapters All Day Dining

Chapter Two Restaurant, Blackheath building works

I had a note from Roger (suggestions always welcome here), saying that he:

Can’t wait for the new Chapters to open.  Have you entered the competition at The advert in Meridian Magazine says that entrants will get a discount voucher.

Meridian magazine isn’t usually the first thing I rush for when the post arrives – it seems to be full of puff-pieces about below average restaurants, or bland soft-stories that could be about anywhere.  But aside from that, Chapter Two is such a great place, and Blackheath is lucky to have them.  

As you can see from the photo (taken Friday 8th August), the building work is coming on well.  I don’t know whether they will fill your front hall with junk mail should you sign up, but they are offering a trip to New York, and the website also illustrates how the redesigned restaurant will look.  When you sign up, they say they’ll send you a 10% voucher for use with your first meal.


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4 responses to “Chapter Two Restaurant becomes Chapters All Day Dining

  1. CS

    Is the refurb including an acquisition of the Laughing Buddha or is it just a coincidence that they’re both closed for refurb at the same time? If my memory is correct the Laughing Buddha only recently (within the last 12 months) had a closure that was attributed to refurbishment, are they just exceptionally keen on changing decor or is there something afoot? Any ideas??

  2. Oops – I should have mentioned an update – rumour has it that it may be turning into an Indian restaurant. See here:

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  4. Cliff

    Where was the original Chapter 2 in Blackheath ?

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